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Cue “A Whole New World” theme music from the Aladdin soundtrack…

That’s right, friends, it’s time once again for Jim Nantz to transport us to that magical place where dreams come true and the hardest of hearts are softened, where golf balls soar and back 9’s roar, a springtime ritual returning at long last to enchant us all. Behold, within this email lie the keys to the kingdom, your OFFICIAL INVITATION to the 2021 Masters for Max (M4Max) Challenge, a Masters pool unlike any other.

Yes, this email is long, but it includes everything you need to know, including rules/entry instructions and my annual Players Guide to assist in your team selection process. I promise it’s worth reading AND forwarding to every person you know who loves golf, The Masters, helping kids, and winning money. This year’s M4Max promises to be bigger and better in every way: a simplified entry process, more ways to win, even stupider memes (see above), and now, the chance to compete against 2003 British Open champ and winning 2008 Ryder Cup team member Ben Curtis. That’s right, Ben has not only chosen a team, but he and I made a bet that will either be costly for me or humiliating for Ben*. Further, for each $20 “Extra” Donation you make, you’ll get a chance for you and a friend to play a round of golf with Ben at the Country Club of Hudson in Hudson, OH, this summer1.

*If Ben’s team beats me, I make a sizable donation to the Ben Curtis Family Foundation. If I beat Ben, he’s caddying for me this summer in my club championship.

“Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap Tap Taparoo.” – Ben’s advice, probably

Now, if you’re receiving this message it’s because you participated in the 2020 M4Max, or someone forwarded this invitation to you. If this is your first time, here’s the deal: you shell out a few bucks (1/3 of which goes to an amazing charity supporting kids with Type 1 Diabetes), you pick 4 golfers from 4 categories, I send a bunch of dumb emails, and you can win serious cash. Buy 1 team for $20, 2 teams for $30, or 4 teams for $60. Last year our winner took home $10,000, we awarded over $30,000 in total prizes to several dozen winners, DFL paid a few thousand bucks, and we had thousands of dollars in award-worthy memes, videos and other contests. Most importantly, thanks to the generosity of so many who donated an extra $5, $50, $500 or more*, we were able to raise almost $65,000 for Camp Ho Mita Koda, a life changing summer camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes, like my son Max (our tournament namesake).

*Last year one participant donated $5k. That. Was. Awesome.

By participating in the 2021 M4Max, you are helping to send kids who struggle with Type 1 Diabetes, an incurable, life-threatening illness, to attend a summer camp experience that gives them confidence, creates lifelong friendships, and allows them to have the time of their lives. Fist bump!


That’s right, I said it. I know it has been a tough year, but the camp needs your help, and I think we can do it. I am proud to say M4Max is CHMK’s #1 fundraiser, and if we are able to grow the pool, not only will the number of winners and total payouts increase but we’ll set a new fundraising record, too. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Once the tournament starts we’ll again have a super slick “Live Leaderboard” that will be refreshed every 60 seconds, and I’ll also email updates and a summary of the action at the end of each round. If you’re on Instagram, follow @M4Max2021 for Leaderboards, updates and random gifs and images related to the unfolding tournament action.


  1. The link to enter/donate is at the bottom of this message. Anyone can enter, so please forward this email to golf fans and those who like supporting great causes. DEADLINE TO DONATE AND ENTER TEAMS IS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7TH AT MIDNIGHT EASTERN.
  2. Shooter McGavin, Danny Noonan and The Most Interesting Man in the World (aka the Dos Equis guy) have all enthusiastically endorsed the 2021 M4Max. Don’t believe me? Click on their names and see for yourself.
  3. I posted a 3 minute video summarizing what M4Max is all about. Feel free to forward.
  4. If you’re into podcasts, you might enjoy my conversation with Ben Curtis on my new “3 Questions, 3 Drinks podcast”. We drank great wine, including Ben’s own label, “Fairway and Vines”, and Ben shared what it’s like to win a major championship, to play in The Masters, and why Tiger Woods still owes Ben $100. My one regret is that I forgot to ask Ben what Jim Nantz smells like.* Listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

*Heaven? A newborn baby fresh from a bath? A field of wildflowers after a spring rain? One can only imagine.

Need help with your picks? I got you fam. Allow me to help with the…



Dustin Johnson (United States)
Strengths: World #1 and reigning Masters champion; makes golf look easy
Weaknesses: Keeping up with Paulina’s Instagram feed

Matthew Wolff (United States)
Strengths: Has the game to win at highest levels
Weaknesses: Golf swing modeled after local car dealership’s promotional gimmick

Matt Wolff’s swing instructor

Patrick Reed (United States)
Strengths: Has won at Augusta before; best foot wedge in the game
Weaknesses: Competitors plan to keep 6 feet of distance long after pandemic is over

Bryson DeChambeau (United States)
Strengths: Prodigious length renders traditional courses obsolete
Weaknesses: Has worn out his welcome at Old Country Buffet

Bryson DeChambeau, hungry for victory

Tiger Woods (United States)
Strengths: 5 time Masters champion
Weaknesses: Um. Driving? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland)
Strengths: Multiple major winner; one win away from career Grand Slam
Weaknesses: Pressure? There’s no pressure. Why do you guys keep talking about pressure? No pressure here. None at all. Not even thinking about it. Totally have this under control. No, sir, just gonna go out and play my game not even thinking about it certainly haven’t been putting undue stress on myself none at all no pressure here ;oasidjhf;lkasjh;oiq4hoijh orihfoIH


Cameron Smith (Australia)
Strengths: Has historically played well at Augusta National
Weaknesses: Takes issue with Augusta’s “No shirt, no shoes, no play” policy

Ain’t no policies against mullets, though.

Max Homa (United States)
Strengths: Shares name with M4Max namesake; frequently donates excess arm hair to Locks of Love
Weaknesses: Once accidentally tranquilized by overzealous animal control

Max Homa, fresh out of hibernation and ready to hunt for birdies

Freddy Couples (United States)
Strengths: Always seems to play well at Augusta National
Weaknesses: Distracted by your wife’s incessant texting

The Silver Fox

Rickie Fowler (United States)
Strengths: Best player never to win a major
Weaknesses: Didn’t qualify for this year’s tournament. Well, this is awkward.

Joe Long (United States)
Strengths: Reigning British Amateur champion; competitors instantly smitten by gorgeous, flowing locks that are feathered like the wings of a majestic bird
Weaknesses: None that I can see. What beautiful hair.

Joe Long, exhibiting windswept grace


  • 1If you choose to donate a minimum of $20 extra to Camp Ho Mita Koda, you will be entered into a raffle to play golf this summer at the Country Club of Hudson in Hudson, OH, for you and friend with Ben Curtis and M4Max creator Chris Mikolay. Each incremental $20 donation increases your odds of winning; donate $100, get 5 chances to win. Name will be drawn on the M4Max Instagram site via an Instagram Live video at approximately noon on Sunday, April 11th. If you are not local or cannot travel to NE Ohio to play golf with Ben, you may transfer the prize to someone who is able to do so, or elect a $500 cash prize. We will make reasonable attempts to coordinate schedules to play the round this summer/fall. Chris will provide cold beverages during and after the round.
  • Feel free to forward this message. More participants = bigger prizes + more $ to charity. Have I mentioned that yet?
  • You can pay by credit card on the entry site. I do not accept Venmo, checks in the mail, Bitcoin, hugs, etc.
  • In 2018 Tony Finau nearly derailed the M4M tourney by popping his ankle out of his socket after making an ace during the Wednesday Par 3 contest, causing confusion about whether he would in fact play in the Masters. If we have a late withdrawal, I’ll do my best to alert you. However, once you choose your teams you cannot make any adjustments – a card laid is a card played. With several thousand entries it’s too difficult to make individual adjustments if you change your mind.
  • If you run into issues or have questions please REPLY ALL to this message. This year I have some customer service support from Ian Roberts, the incredibly helpful Executive Director of Camp Ho Mita Koda. He and I will do our best to respond to any problems you may have in a timely manner. For all of our sake, I hope there are none (and please remember that I am not a professional web developer, etc. I do this for fun and to raise money – so bear with me if there are any glitches in the matrix).
  • I am a benevolent dictator. If there are any controversies or problems I’ll do my best to reconcile them quickly. My only goal is to make the Masters more fun and even more interesting and to raise money for a worthy charity.
  • Jim Nantz Haiku and Masters memes are always encouraged.
  • Let’s raise $100k this year for Camp Ho Mita Koda, and increase the payouts to our many winners – please spread the word, and thank you for playing!


    Once you make your team selections and pay your entry donation, you will receive email confirmation of your picks. If you don’t, check your spam.



    Yours in a tradition unlike any other,

    Chris Mikolay (Max’ proud father)
    (330) 730-7178

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