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Choosing your Team

Each entrant chooses 4 players to form a team, choosing one player from the Top 7 ranked players in the world (as of 3/31/24), one player from the rest of the current World Top 25 ranked players in the world, one player from the remaining Americans, and one player from the remaining International players.


Your team’s aggregate score, relative to par, is your team score. For example:

Player Finishing Score
Scottie Sheffler Even
Tommy Fleetwood -3
Rickie Fowler -1
José María Olazábal +3
Your Team’s Score -1

Note: if one or more players on your team misses the cut, the 36 hole score for that player will be DOUBLED and used in your total (for instance, you choose a player who misses the cut at +4, he will be counted at +8 for your total team score). Also note that if you choose a player who is DQ’d or WD’s, your new 3 man team will be moved into a separate, smaller (and less lucrative) pool competing against all other 3 man teams. I will determine the size of the pot based on the number of participants and communicate accordingly.

Like last year we will have a “Live Leaderboard” site that refreshes our M4M scores in nearly real time. You will receive email updates periodically through the tournament, including a comprehensive daily update at the end of each day. The Live Leaderboards allow you to easily bookmark your teams, and the laughably inferior teams chosen by your friends and family. Side wagers are encouraged!


You will be asked to predict the winner’s score, relative to par, only to be used in the event of a tie (last year Jon Rahm finished -12). If 2 entrants have the same aggregate team score, the player with a more accurate tiebreaker will win the M4M. For example, if Entrant 1 predicts the Masters winner will shoot -15, and Entrant 2 predicts the winner will shoot -8, and the Masters winner actually shoots -14, then Entrant 1 will win. If we still have a tie after the tiebreaker we will then split the first and second place prize. There will be no tiebreakers to determine if there is a tie beyond 1st place (for example, if you tie for 3rd place with another participant, you will split the 3rd and 4th place prizes with that participant).

Prizes and Payout

1/3 of the team entry fees is directed to Camp Ho Mita Koda to fund scholarships for underprivileged children to attend a special and life-changing diabetes camp this summer. The rest is used for a variety of payouts which will be detailed in a comprehensive email to all entrants on Thursday morning that will include a link to the Live Leaderboard and Team Selections, and information on our prizes. In 2023 we collected ~$125k in entry fees and paid ~$85k in various prizes to more than 100 participants; last year our co-champions split $28,500, and our other winners shared in a wide variety of prizes that paid another $55k. Once again we’ll have daily prizes and I will have a discretionary fund used for assorted fun contests throughout the tourney.

Pebble Beach / Ben Curtis / Blanton’s Bourbon raffle

If you donate at least $25 “extra” to our cause, your name will be entered in a raffle to win one of 3 prizes:

  • A 3 night stay at this spectacular house on Pebble Beach’s 17 Mile Drive and $4,000 cash. Note, a handful of blackout dates apply, and you will work with the home’s owner to find a date that works for both parties. This home has been generously donated by Blumaka.
  • A round of golf for you and a friend this summer with 2003 British Open champ, Ben Curtis, and M4Max Founder, Chris Mikolay. The round will be played at the Country Club of Hudson, in Hudson, OH, and I’ll supply lunch and cold beverages of your choosing during the round. Ben and I will make reasonable accommodations to find a date that works for everyone before the golf season ends in Ohio. If you are not local, you can either transfer your round to someone who is, or you can accept $500 cash in lieu of the round with Ben.
  • A basket of M4Max goodies that includes:

Note: each incremental $25 donation gets you an additional chance to win. So, if you donate $100, your name will be entered 4 times in the raffle.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for the ballmarker to arrive, as we are not yet sure how many we will have to produce.

Entry Deadline


Please understand we need time to organize, so please save us both the heartache and make your selections sooner than later (like right now would be great!). Thanks!

This website is the ONLY way to enter the M4Max Challenge. We will not accept any team selections via email or text.

What if I choose Tiger and he WD’s before the tournament starts? Can I change one of my picks after I’ve submitted my team?

First, you’re really going to pick Tiger, huh? It’s a bold move, but the answer is if Tiger or any other player WD’s before or during the tournament you will not be able to swap him for another player. There are thousands of entries and it’s simply too much to track. Believe it or not, I do in fact have a real job (with a very understanding boss) and this is not DraftKings, so. CAVEAT EMPTOR*.

While I get a lot of help from several awesome people with the website and at Camp Ho Mita Koda, when it comes to decisions regarding the M4Max Challenge I am the almighty King and Supreme Rule. However, I am a benevolent King – I do my best to make things fun and fair, and please know that I make ZERO money off of this (in fact, I purchase my own teams and also donate extra to the cause). Bear with me if there are any technical glitches, and if there are rules questions or any dispute, I will retreat to my mountaintop lair for several hours of deep meditation before flipping a coin.

*In the past I have created separate leaderboards and a smaller pool for teams that lose a player due to WD or DQ, so don’t panic too much. If this happens, I’ll make sure any such adjustment is communicated via email and our Instagram site.

Have fun and good luck!!

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