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Before you make your winning picks, we need to have a quick chat.

Each year I am bombarded with people sending me emails that go something like this: “hey, I didn’t receive confirmation of my picks” or “can you tell me who I picked?” or “I am a Nigerian prince, and I need your help laundering several million dollars.”

If you’re a Nigerian prince, just know that I’m not interested (fool me twice, ammiright?). For everyone else: MANY EMAILS GO TO SPAM.  If you follow these directions carefully and submit your picks when instructed to do so, you will see a page that says, “SUCCESS”.  That means we’ve received your picks. You should then receive an email confirmation with those picks, however, if you do not receive confirmation of your picks within a day, please check your spam/junk folders first (it would also be helpful if you add to your safe sender list). If you still do not see confirmation of your picks, email (Please only do this if it’s an emergency, and you’re SURE you followed the instructions correctly. There are thousands of people who enter, and I do have a real job, so please help me out and read everything. It also helps to take a screenshot of your team picks before you submit them. JUST REMEMBER TO SUBMIT THEM.)

Thank you. We may now proceed with our regularly scheduled programming…

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