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2022 Final Update

Phew! Another Record Breaking M4Max in the Books

First, thank you to all 3,100+ participants from every state in the union, nearly every continent, and from all over the world for being part of something truly special. The M4Max Challenge, aka the Masters for Max, honors kids who struggle with an incurable, life threatening disease by raising money for children with Type 1 Diabetes to attend a truly life-changing summer camp.  I cited some stats in an earlier message, but our pool allows a strikingly high percentage of children who do not have the means to attend Camp Ho Mita Koda, and through your participation and generosity of so many, we’re able to change not just one life but hundreds of lives.  Awesome.

Let’s keep this freight train rolling and continue to build something spectacular.  First, I’m honored that so many people bought M4Max Merchandise.  Thanks to my friend Steve Wright and his business partner for creating and offering for sale some really cool gear and donating every dime of profit to the camp.  We’re running low on polos, but we have plenty of t-shirts and will have the hoodies for sale through Easter.  If you’re so inclined to wear a great hoodie that lets the world know you’re part of a secret and super cool club that supports amazing kids, buy a hoodie or t-shirt!  Click here for official M4Max apparel.

At this point it looks like we’re close to raising $140,000 this year, and we’re closing in on $500,000 since we began this quixotic adventure.  To those who have been here for many years and who have helped spread the word, thank you!  To those who are here for the first time, thank you, too!

Truly a Tradition Unlike Any Other

This tournament always amazes me.  First, I’m always blown away at the people who come out of the woodwork to donate generously, to offer their time or talent, and to just be a cheerleader for our event.  However, just like you, I’m watching not only our M4Max Leaderboard for the drama unfolding there, but of course, I’m glued to Jim Nantz’s every word.  And while it looked like Scottie was in control for most of the day, the “Back 9 on Sunday” always produces some drama.  After an incredible birdie at 11 and climbing to within a few shots of the lead, Cam Smith had the look of a man who had just slammed a Steel Reserve and was looking for trouble.

Well, he found it.  After Amen Corner took a big bite out of Cam’s Masters dreams, it finally occurred to me that Cam might actually be Joe Exotic holding a hybrid.

You can’t unsee it now.  Sorry. ¯\_()_/¯ 

Speaking of Tiger Kings…Tiger Woods didn’t so much prowl as limp around Augusta like the proverbial tiger with a thorn in his paw.  While Tiger may have hockey-sticked it around Augusta’s greens the last few days, kudos to the big cat for the effort, and mark my words:  he’ll find his Androcles for one last roar in a major.

A lot has been made about Scottie Sheffler’s meteoric rise to the top of the world golf rankings.  He looks unstoppable at the moment.  But we’ve seen this movie before with Rory and Jordan and others.  Scottie is just 25 and his game looks amazing, but don’t anoint him the second coming yet.  Did you happen to catch that Irish guy, Rory McIlroy, today?  You’re telling me he’s not destined to win the Grand Slam?  Or how about Collin Morikowa, who found humor in Rory’s bunker hole-out on 18 and was like, “ahh yeah that’s cool, watch this.”  And of course, Justin Thomas isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Golf is in good hands.  There are plenty more chapters to be written at The Masters, and all I ask is that Jim and Verne and Dottie (who may have been fired today for suggesting Scottie wasn’t stupid enough to do anything other than lay-up on 15…shortly before he then nuked a 5-wood onto the green) are there to guide us on these magical journeys around Augusta in April.


I really hope I don’t screw this up, but we have a loooong list of winners.  If you believe you’re a winner, please check this list and let me know if you see any issues.

PLEASE NOTE.  The tax man cometh.  If you’ve won more than $600, Uncle Sam needs to know.  If you’re in that category then Ian Roberts, Camp Director with CHMK, will email you a W-9 to fill out before we can send the cash.  If you choose to donate any part your awards back to CHMK (as some of you have done, which is awesome, thank you), you will receive instant positive karma.


Phil Stevenson    $20,000     Overall Winner & 2022 M4Max Champ

Emily Lemke    $5,400     2nd Place Tie
Jerry Gillikin    $5,400     2nd Place Tie
Jeff Gunderson    $5,400     2nd Place Tie
Randy Lewandowski    $5,400     2nd Place Tie
Mike O’Regan    $5,400     2nd Place Tie
Howard Seling    $2,500     DFL
Melanie Hawes    $1,500     2nd DFL
James Glotzbach    $150     T3 DFL
James Glotzbach (again)    $150     T3 DFL
Tom Miziarz    $150     T3 DFL
Emily Stephenson    $150     T3 DFL
Alan Weerts    $150     T3 DFL
Bob Waltzer    $1,162.50     T7
Eric Alvine    $1,162.50     T7
Casey Sandlin    $1,162.50     T7
Chris James    $1,162.50     T7
Brian Digman    $800     11th Place
David Bosze    $700     12th Place
Derek Beahm    $375     T13
Peter Sullivan    $375     T13
Ricky Bremkamp    $375     T13
Jess Yanoff    $375     T13
Randy Lewandowski    $833.33     Round 1 Winner
Jesse Shamp    $833.33     Round 1 Winner
John Hudec    $833.33     Round 1 Winner
Tyler Surles    $2,500     Round 2 Winner
David Bosze    $833.33     Round 3 Winner
Stephen Coleman    $833.33     Round 3 Winner
Peter Walker    $833.33     Round 3 Winner
Ryan Beldon    $1,875     1st Place Comeback
Brian McCoy    $1,875     2nd Place Comeback
Ricky Bremkamp    $30     T3rd place comeback
Alex Schmitt    $30     T3rd place comeback
Charlie Zane    $30     T3rd place comeback
Derek Beahm    $30     T3rd place comeback
Chris Belby    $30     T3rd place comeback
William Gurney    $30     T3rd place comeback
Darick Holden    $30     T3rd place comeback
Peter Sullivan    $30     T3rd place comeback
Dave Bobkovich    $30     T3rd place comeback
Jess Yanoff    $30     T3rd place comeback
Brian Digman    $30     T3rd place comeback
Jack Malloy    $30     T3rd place comeback

Jerry Gillikin    $750     1st Place Veteran Pool
Bob Waltzer    $350     2nd Place Veteran Pool
Julie Pawlowki    $150     3rd Place Veteran Pool
Emily Stephenson    $250     DFL Veteran Pool

Carl Garritano    $1,500     1st Place Hindenburg Pool
Kevin Keough    $700     2nd Place Hindenburg Pool
Steven Kolich    $150     T3rd Hindenburg
Dave Rieker    $150     T3rd Hindenburg
Mark Hobson    $500     Reverse Hindenburg – DFL Hindenburg

Brian Calkins    $250     1st Place Dropout Pool
Doug Harvey    $250     1st Place Dropout Pool
Anthony Conn    $50     3rd Place Dropout Pool
Jesse Rowe    $150     DFL Dropout Pool

And let’s not forget:  I challenged Kale Love to ride 50 miles on his Peloton.  I told him, if he did, I’d pay him $150.  Well, Kale come through a hot sweaty mess, riding for 3 HOURS AND 11 MINUTES total today!  Well done, Kale.

There were a number of people who submitted worthy “Golfer Love Children”, but to be honest, I’m too tired to post them here or on social media (at least right now), so you’re going to have to trust me and be cool with me awarding $50 each to Josh Stitzel, Eric Kesti and Matt Cebron.

Finally, there were many funny team names. However, I noticed one contestant who submitted numerous teams, and every one of them was A+.  For the strength of his team names alone, I’m awarding Rory Berke $100.

Here’s your complete list of Discretionary Award winners.

Chris Underwood    $150     Photoshop Contest
Jared Glowaski    $50     IG Baby Photo Contest
JJ Jenkins    $50     IG Baby Photo Contest
Sean McDonough    $50     IG Azalea
Steve Moskal    $50     IG Azalea
Cris Phillips on behalf of Connor    $250     One Chip Challenge
Josh Pask    $75     Australia Photo
Paul Walsh    $75     Most Unusual Place
Dale Wisemean    $150     Paige Spiranac Challenge
Rob Wallace    $50     Paige Spiranac Challenge
Eric Noland    $100     Paige Spiranac Challenge
Phil Trendell    $100     Angry Birds
Tim Dwyer    $100     Angry Birds
TJ Radzwich    $100     Angry Birds
Chris Underdown     $150     Photoshop Contest
Gina Cimaglia    $150     Photoshop Contest
TJ Radzwich    $150     Photoshop Contest
David Macek    $75     Photoshop Contest
Fred Malone    $75     Photoshop Contest
Tyler Treuting    $50     Photoshop Contest
Joe LaGuardia    $50     Photoshop Contest
Rory Berke    $100     Best Team Names
Derek Few    $75     Most Unusual Place
Josh Stitzel    $50     Love Child Golfer Photoshop
Eric Kesti    $50     Love Child Golfer Photoshop
Matt Cebron    $50     Love Child Golfer Photoshop
Kale Love    $150     Peloton Challenge

*If you believe you won a discretionary award and I somehow missed you, please let me know. There was a lot going on this week.

Golf With Ben Curtis Winner
Nick Jones (Nick, we can coordinate plans for this summer)

Each Year The M4Max Challenge Restores My Faith In Humanity

Every time I do this I end completely exhausted, but also so appreciative of the many good people in this world – many of whome I’ve never met.  This Masters pool has evolved because numerous people stepped up to offer their time and talent, not the least of which are the incredible people at Propel Marketing Group in Raleigh, NC.  If you need amazing web, advertising, branding or marketing work, please see nobody else but Propel.

I’ve never met Eric Pastoor, but he built an incredible Leaderboard, pro bono, and he keeps making it better.  Eric, you are a genius, and I thank you.

The staff at Camp Ho Mita Koda, and in particular Camp Director Ian Roberts, are incredible.  Ian is one of the main reasons I continue to so enthusiastically support this incredible camp and he’s a big reason why it’s been one of the only summer camps in America (and the ONLY summer camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes) that was able to safely offer a camping experience during the 2022 Covid era.  Ian, you’re an amazing guy, and I truly appreciate you.

Jason Kokrak and the Kokrak Krew – I was pulling for you this week.  Thanks for your generous donation to our cause!

Ben Curtis – you’re a great champion and an even better human being.  Thanks for being a great sport and helping to support the M4Max Challenge!

This year I discovered a Photoshopper extraordinaire, Chris Underdown.  Some of the best/funniest photoshops you saw were courtesy of Chris, so I hope he allows me persuade him to put him to work next year.  Thanks Chris!

And finally, we had some unbelievably generous people again this year.  So many of you donated extra, and often A LOT extra – if I haven’t been able to properly thank you please know that I intend to properly acknowledge your kindness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

M4Max 2022:  $135,000+ for CHMK

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