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What.  Just.  Happened.  

What.  Just.  Happened.

I just got off the phone with a shellshocked Phil Stevenson, who lives in Tallahassee, Florida, and who has absolutely no clue how on earth he backed into winning $20k at the VERY. LAST. SECOND.

Do you realize we had a 6 way tie for first, with two people – I’m so so so so so so sorry, Mike O’Regan and Randy Lewandowski – who had secured a two way tie for first if Scottie COULD HAVE JUST TWO PUTTED?!  If Scottie had EVEN THREE PUTTED Mike, Randy and Phil would have split $37,500.  Instead, Phil takes home $20,000, and the remaining 5 players who tied at the top share $5,400 each (dividing the 2-6th place payments).

PLEASE BEAR WITH ME as I tabulate and quadruple check all of the prizes. I’m pretty sure this is the year this tournament finally kills me – I may need some additional help beyond what I already get next year with some of this.  But for now, let me get cracking on all the other winners, etc.  It may take a few hours, so sit tight.

Here’s what I believe to be accurate right now.  This list is not complete.  Please stay tuned…

M4Max 2022 Winner:

1st Place – Phil Stevenson – $20,000

T2nd – Emily Lemke, Jerry Gillikin, Jeff Gunderson, Randy Lewandowski, Mike O’Regan: $5,400 each
There are payments to be made, including ties, from 7th – 15th.  I’ll send those later.

DFL – Howard Selig – $2,500
2nd DFL – Melanie Hawes – $1,500
3rd DFL – 5 way tie coming later

M4Max Veterans Pool Winner:

1st Place – Jerry Gillikin – $750
2nd Place – Bob Waltzer – $350
3rd Place – Julie Pawlowski – $150
DFL – Emily Stephenson – $250

Hindenburg Pool

1st Place – Carl Garritano – $1,500
2nd Place – Kevin Keough – $700
“Reverse Hindenbrug” – Mark Hobson – $500

Dropouts Pool

Tie for First: Brian Calkins and Doug Harvey – $250 each
3rd Place – Anthony Conn – $50
DFL – Jesse Rowe – $150

I also spent a bunch of money on various challenges that will be given to numerous people and categorized in my subsequent email.  We also had our $2,500 Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners!  Bigger email coming in a while.THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR PLAYING!  If anyone wants to make an emergency airstrike to my house with some Basil Haydens Dark Rye I would not be against it.  🙂

Thanks again and standby for more if you are in the money…

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