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  • Feel free to forward this message.  More participants = bigger prizes + more $ to charity.  My humble suggestion is that you forward this email to everyone who works for you and simply write, “IF YOU DON’T PLAY IN THIS POOL YOU’RE FIRED!”
  • I do not accept Venmo, checks in the mail, Bitcoin, etc.  I will however accept gold bullion and/or priceless antiquities.
  • Last year Tony Finau nearly derailed the tourney by popping his ankle out of his socket after making an ace during the Wednesday Par 3 contest, causing confusion about whether he would in fact play in the Masters. If we have a late withdrawal, I’ll do my best to alert you.  However, once you choose your teams you cannot make any adjustments – a card laid is a card played.  With several thousand entries it’s too difficult to make individual adjustments if you change your mind.  If you have second thoughts, simply pay for another team and enter again.  (Pro tip:  if you enter 5,000 times you’ll most likely win SOMETHING, because…math.  Of course it will cost you $100k to do it, but I say YOLO)
  • If you run into issues or have questions please REPLY ALL to this message.  This year I have some customer service support from Ian Roberts, the incredibly helpful Executive Director of Camp Ho Mita Koda.  He and I will do our best to respond to any problems you may have in a timely manner.  For all of our sake, I hope there are none (and please remember that I am not a professional web developer, etc.  I do this for fun and to raise money – so bear with me if there are any glitches in the matrix).
  • Deadline to pay for and enter your team is Wednesday, April 10th at Midnight.
  • I am a benevolent dictator.  If there are any controversies or problems I’ll do my best to reconcile them quickly.  My only goal is to make the Masters more fun and even more interesting and to raise money for a worthy charity.
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