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Uhhh. Well. Um. You see, it’s just that…

Uhhh.  Well.  Um.  You see, it’s just that…

It appears we jumped the gun on our Round 1 winners.  Randy and Jesse, you’re still in the money, but you now need to share it with John Hudec.  There was a glitch in the matrix, as we accidentally shut the Leaderboard down about 2 minutes early, and it screwed up some scores.  So, there’s a 3 way tie at the top between Randy Lewandowski, Jesse Shamp and John Hudec, who share $2,500.  Congrats John!  Congrats/Sorry Randy and Jesse!

We have summarily fired our summer intern, who had entrusted with the Live Leaderboard and the oversight of all $220,000 collected in this pool.  Speaking of, where did that intern go?  Hmmm.

Pretty sure these Leaderboards are accurate:

M4Max Main Pool Leaderboard

M4Max Veterans Pool Leaderboard

M4Max Hindenburg Pool “Leaderboard”

Imma get some sleep.

See you in the am!

Chris (Max’ tired father)

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